Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nesco Dehydrator

I am lucky to have been one of those who have experienced the wonders of having one of the nesco dehydrators for a very long time – for 4 years. What I enjoyed about this food dryer are the superb features that has brought a lot benefits most especially when it comes to preparing my family sumptuous and nutritious meals. Here are some of those features that I'm sure will appeal to most of you.

Having my own automatic food dehydrator was definitely not one of my bigger priorities, even with food preparation. I had always thought the knowledge that my mother passed down to me was better that any high technology food dryer. But that is until my best friend gave me one of the 1000Watt powered nesco dehydrators.

The sheer power of the motor enabled me to cut down the usual food drying process not in half but over 70 percent. I can dry foodstuffs and other produce in a matter of hours, what usually takes me days to perform. Personally I like to prepare all at once, and I am able to do this with the use of expandable trays – 30 in all. And I don't have to worry about some preparation not getting the same dryness, because of the patented system to ensure to equal sharing of heated air in every tray.

Fruits, vegetables, herbs, lean meat, and granola; you name it, I have already done it. There are also techniques that I have learned with the use of 64-page recipe book that came with the dehydrator, that of which I have not learned from my dear old mom.

These are just among the great features of the nesco dehydrator, from its power, its design and the techniques for effective food drying. Make sure that you get one today.